As a photographer I get asked to photograph a wide variety of subjects, mostly it’s people, and I really enjoy professional portraiture and the ongoing positive relationships that I have formed with my clients and businesses, who keep coming back year on year to update their staff photos proves that my work is of the highest quality.

Professional portrait taken for a commercial company in Horsham

A professional portrait of a woman

A few professional portraits taken for different companies and individuals in and around Horsham

But one of the big things that I also get asked to photograph regularly is a lot of commercial products for companies, ranging from little home start ups selling hand made lamp shades to multi-national companies who’s product photos I’ve photographed you’ve probably seen if you’ve ever flown on an aircraft. Product photography is a fascinating insight into the commercial world, and I really enjoy meeting company representatives, directors and entrepreneurs who are looking to further their business with some great product photos.

A commercial photo for a plant pot wholesaler

A cover shot photo for plant pot wholesaler Sunshine Ceramica who sell their products in the USA

A Handheld POS device that I photographed for flight retailer Tourvest

One of two handheld POS devices that I photographed for flight retailer Tourvest

I have had the privilege of photographing commercial and product photos for London’s MET Police, a leading hotel company (Holiday Inn) national tyre fitters (Kwik Fit) local home builders (Milbury Construction) the biggest fast food delivery brand (Just Eat!) and a leading clothes brand (Grace & Oliver) I’ve even photographed parking meters for the manufacturer. You name the product I’ve probably photographed it (just don’t ask me to photograph food!)

Commercial photography for Holiday Inn

One of the many virtual tour photos that I took for Holiday Inn

Commercial Product photo showing tyres

Tyres at Kwik Fit, taken as part of commercial photo shoot for the company

Commercial photos taken for Milbury construction company

Milbury construction wanted new photographic art work to show off their staff and work to decorate their head office with.

Commercial product photo taken for grace and oliver

Grace and Oliver commissioned me to photograph a range of their new products

The products that I’ve photographed have been wide and varied, item’s have ranged in size from tiny computer network and system control components to garden furniture and ornaments all the way up to a modified shipping container. There’s not many products that people haven’t asked me to photograph and they have all been photographed and delivered within the customer’s deadline (even if I did have to stay up all night and edit a shoot that only got booked 48hrs before the printing deadline for the brochure of one commercial customer)

Product photo of an electronic componentProduct and commercial photography for an electronics company

People often ask me what is the strangest thing I’ve ever photographed, and without a doubt despite it being several years ago, and there being a few close contenders in the time since it’s still got to be the ‘urine neutraliser’ liquid that was part of a commercial photo shoot that I did for a local supplier that caters primarily to hospitals and nursing homes.

The strangest thing I've ever photographed

So if your query is, can I photograph your product or capture photos of your business or staff photos, then the answer is a definite yes! Get in touch on the contact page, I’d be happy to discuss what you’re looking for with you.