Every commercial photography project presents a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and product by creating stunning images. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with a range of clients, capturing everything from the delicate curves of wine bottles to the subtle details of medical stockings. In this blog post, I’ll share the joys and challenges of photographing diverse products and working with clients of various scales, from booming multinationals to ambitious start-ups.


Two laptops showing the flexibility of the laptop hinge in product photos for a start-up

Wine and appetisers photographed for a local restaurant

1. Immersing in Variety:

One of the aspects I truly cherish in commercial photography is the variety. On one day, I could be setting up a shot for a well known hotel chain, focusing on their latest hotel. The next day might find me capturing the texture and purpose of medical stockings, emphasizing their functionality and design. This diversity keeps the work exciting and fresh, constantly pushing me to adapt and innovate.

Two plant pots with sunflowers painted on photographed for a catalogue

A set of three ice creams taken for menu photos

Photograph of a local nursing home in Haywards Heath

2. Collaborative Process:

Working alongside my commercial clients is an immersive and collaborative process. I thrive on understanding their vision, brand ethos, and the unique selling points of their products. Whether it’s showcasing the elegance of fine art or highlighting the utilitarian design of a plant pot, I pride myself on capturing the essence of every product in a way that aligns with the brand’s identity and message.

Food photograph taken for a local chain of restaurants

3. From Giants to Budding Brands:

The scale and scope of my clients vary immensely. Working with large multinationals introduces me to well-established brand guidelines and often gives me access to a broader range of resources. On the flip side, partnering with start-ups is equally rewarding. Their energy, enthusiasm, and innovative spirit provide an opportunity to co-create and experiment, developing visuals that will help them carve their niche in the market.

School children looking at a range of Warburtons products in a box supplied by Farm in Box

Product photo of a range of fitlegs stocking socks

4. Challenges and Adaptability:

Every product comes with its set of challenges. Be it the reflective surface of a bottle of fine wine, the intricate designs on a plant pot, or ensuring the packaging on a box of quirky socks is depicted accurately and attractively – each requires a unique approach. Overcoming these challenges requires adaptability and a deep understanding of lighting, angles, and post-production techniques.

Product photo of a laptop

Commercial and press release image taken of freezer and solar units


Commercial product photography is a journey of collaboration, innovation, and constant learning. It allows me to dive deep into the world of diverse products and brands, understanding their stories and translating them into compelling visuals. From fine wine and art to plant pots and medical stockings, every project enriches my experience and reinforces my passion for capturing the essence of your brand or product. Whether working with a multinational giant or a budding start-up, the goal remains consistent: to deliver impeccable, brand-aligned photographs that resonate with your target audience.

A staff portrait taken for a commercial portrait photography session

A bottle of Delaforce Red Wine 2010 A bottle of Barbera D'asti red wine