Event photography plays a pivotal role in preserving the vibrancy and spirit of various occasions, whether it be capturing a sponsored football team, a company charity event, or celebrations for your company milestone or even your latest business launch, we’re here to capture the day.

Beyond documenting these moments, the visual narrative created through event photography serves as a powerful tool for businesses. Internally, it fosters a sense of pride and community, allowing employees to relive shared achievements and experiences. Externally many companies share these images with local press showcasing their company’s active engagement with the community; reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility and creating positive publicity that resonates with both current and potential customers and stakeholders.

image of a shop opening with ribbon cutting
a couple looking at jewellery displayed in a case
A team building social event on a punt in Cambridge

As the right person for the job, Alexander White Photography ensures that each event is captured with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to storytelling. These photographs become a dynamic asset, conveying the essence of a business’s involvement in various activities and promoting a positive brand image. Whether capturing the camaraderie of a sports day, the heartfelt moments of a charity event, or the excitement of a business launch, Alexander White Photography excels in providing compelling event imagery that becomes a lasting testament to success, collaboration, and community engagement.

a family attending an event held by a local jewellery company
A children's football game with sponsored kit on show

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